Chess is a board game that has been played by human for a long time. It is a game with two player. One player plays white and the other player plays black pieces. The objective is to checkmate the other player King piece, and win the game. There is a rule to this game and there many ways ways a match can be held. With the advancement of computer, computer programs have been created, that allows computer to play chess. In the early days, human can beat computer very easily. However, as computer power increase, and computer chess algorithm improve human have a hard time beating Computer Chess Program (CCP). CCP are now match against another CCP to find which program is the best. One advantage of CCP is that you can always find a worthy opponent to match you skill to practise even in the middle of the night.

Free Computer Chess Board

Winboard is a popular computer program that is available for Window and Unix (including Linux) OS. In the Unix OS it is called Xboard. Winboard provide a chess board or Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess engines. Hence, winboard is an GUI chess board that allows various chess-engine to be linked it. Chess engine can be developed independently and chess engine developer just need to follow the interface specification of the chess board. This allow, players to play against various chess engine from the mediocre to Grand Master level. There are many compatible chess engine that can be used for Winboard. Chess engine can also play against each other. Winboard can also be used to play against other players on the internet through chess site.

A newer GUI chess board is Arena. It is compatible with chess engine develop for Winboard and some other chess engine develop for commercial GUI or electronic chess board. Both Winboard and Arena are good. There are pros and cons. Both can make you stay all night. If you ever get tired of been beaten by chess engine, Arena allows you to play chess engine versus chess engine. You can have several engines play each other in a league, a tournment. You can find out which is the best engine on your computer. There are also a few more chess board that are available, do search on the internet.

Free Computer Chess Engine

Chess engines requires a chess board. Some chess engine do come with their own chess board. Free chess engine are generally very good and plenty to choose from a whole list. Some authors, in initial development make their engine freeily available. However, once the engine become more competitive, the latest version of the engine are sold together with commercial chess board. However, some good chess engine remain free.

Here are some chess engines (some of the best) that you want to test (Not in any order or ranking):

Name Author ELO Site Country
Fruit Fabien Letouzey 2780 R2C5
Spike Ralf Schäfer and Volker Böhm 2400 R3C5
Naum Alexander Naumov R4C3 R4C5
Arasan John Dart 2300+ R5C5
Glaurung Tord Romstad R6C3 R6C5

Chess Links

Here are some useful links that may be useful to get further information on playing chess:

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